PA DEP riparian buffer document open for comment

The PA Department of Environmental Protection’s new Riparian Forest Buffer Draft Technical Guidance document is available for public comment. You can find it online at: The comment period is open until November 24th. For more information visit the DEP website at
DEP ID:394-5600-001. Title: Riparian Forest Buffer Guidance. Background: The Riparian Forest Buffer Guidance outlines recommendations for installation and protection of riparian forest buffers that are useful in mitigating or controlling point and nonpoint source pollution to waters of the Commonwealth. Riparian forest buffers serve as a barrier to prevent most pollutants from getting into aquatic environments. They also provide enhanced instream contaminant sequestration and degradation. The primary purpose of this guidance is to assist the Department staff in providing and further developing general buffer recommendations for regulatory, voluntary, and grant programs. It will also serve to assist any interested entities in understanding the functions and values of riparian forest buffers, the importance of sustaining and enhancing riparian forest buffers, and in developing appropriate science-based guidelines or policies. Written Comments: Interested persons may submit written comments on this guidance by November 24, 2009. Comments submitted by facsimile will not be accepted. The Department will accept comments submitted by e-mail. A return name and address must be included in each e-mail transmission. Written comments should be submitted to Diane Wilson, Department of Environmental Protection, Rachel Carson State Office Building, P. O. Box 8555, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8555 or Contact: Questions regarding the draft technical guidance document should be directed to Diane Wilson at (717) 787-3730 or Effective Date: Upon publication as final in the Pennsylvania Bulletin.