A stormwater resource document from SEPA DEP office

This PA DEP stormwater document has been circulated in years past, but has recently been updated and I wanted to make it available on our website. Rich Breitenstein at the Southeast Regional office of DEP says this of it…

Attached for your review and use is a revised and expanded version of a stormwater resource document which was previously provided to you by e-mail on 3-26-07 and 7-22-08.  Appendix D is a compilation of hyperlinks and other resources that are related to stormwater, water quality, and/or MS4 issues.  There is a variety of information that can be used in a variety of     ways, depending on your particular role.  Those responsible for conducting public education and outreach will find many resources that can be adapted and incorporated into whatever educational distribution methods are at your disposal.  Engineers and consultants may find some of the more technical resources of value.  An attempt has been made to organize and describe the listings to help the user scroll through the document and pick and choose what they wish to review.

The information in Appendix D is extensive and is not intended to overwhelm the user.  It simply represents the fact that there is a great abundance of stormwater related information available.  Each recipient can determine how much time they choose to invest in Appendix D.  While a few MS4s have taken previous versions of this document and placed it in its entirety on their municipal website, this is not a recommended approach.  There simply is too much information in the document for the average citizen to wade through.  It is suggested that the listings be reviewed and decisions made as to what might be appropriate for the general public to see.

Some of the listings will take the user directly to information or a document that is ready for use.  Others will simply take you to a website where stormwater related information is available and it will be up to the user to explore the website to see if there is information that can be utilized in some way.  Many of the websites, such as the EPA sites, usually will also provide many other sources of internet information that can be explored, and users are encouraged to do so.

Internet resources are by nature dynamic and constantly changing.  It is expected that Appendix D will continue to be a living document.  If any of you are aware of additional websites that contain beneficial stormwater information, please pass that information on to me.  Thank you for your continued implementation of your stormwater management programs.

As always, http://www.stormwaterpa.org is a fantastic resource for all kinds of information on stormwater management, BMPs and the latest policy and regulations.