Lackawaxen River Sojourn a success!

Please see this great report on the first ever Lackawaxen River Sojourn…

The Lackwaxen Sojourn last week was a glorious success.  From the terrific accommodations and meals provided by Camp Watonka, to the guided tour of the Lock House/Canal History Museum and Glass Worker’s house provided by Dorflinger-Suydam’s Curator Hank Loftus, to the Sunday evening presentation about the D&H Canal by Susie Kaspar of the National Park Service, to the impromptu nature and history talks by Nick Spinelli of the Pike County Conservation District, to the Dignitaries’ Lunch at Jerry Wicksnes’s Farm, Sojourn participants enjoyed a full and varied experience.  But of course, the star of the event was the Lackawaxen River itself.  How gratifying it was to us locals to hear the enthusiastic comments of paddlers who came from other regions of Pennsylvania and New York extolling the beauty and uniqueness of “the Lack.” Sojourn photos can be seen at

Thanks to the members of the National Canoe Safety Patrol who were recruited by our own Dick Rhodes, paddlers of all levels, in canoes and kayaks, were given expert and patient assistance and paddling tips all along the way.

The Sojourn was perhaps the highlight of numerous events celebrating the Lackawaxen’s designation as PA 2010 River of the Year (ROY).  In her comments at the Dignitaries’ Luncheon, Cindy Dunn, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, noted that TLRC was exceptional among ROY lead organizations in seizing the opportunity to partner with other regional and local organizations for the year’s activities.  For this, TLRC owes a great debt of gratitude to ROY Coordinator and Sojourn Steering Committee Chair Frederica Leighton.   Thanks to her vision and steadfast efforts, together with those of Committee members Loni Kuhn, Rob McGrath, Winnie Olsen, Bergit Pinkston, Dick Rhodes, and Nick Spinelli, and with the support of Dejay Branch of Ecoledge, Inc., the Sojourn was truly a triumph.