Herring Alliance is working to restore the Atlantic fishery

The Herring Alliance is a coalition of environmental organizations that formed in May 2007 to protect and restore ocean wildlife and ecosystems in the northeast United States, from Virginia to Maine, by reforming the Atlantic herring fishery.

Herring are a critically important prey species for tuna, cod, haddock and striped bass. But as with many other species, the industrial fishing methods are greatly impacting herring populations, causing ripple effects throughout the East Coast oceanic ecosystem.

The Alliance has three main goals:

1.  Establish ecosystem-based catch limits that leave enough herring in the ocean for whales, tuna and other marine life that feed on them.

2.  Create buffer zones and closed areas to prevent fishing in specific parts of the ocean during critical times of the year in order to protect juvenile and spawning fish, minimize bycatch and ensure herring is abundant when it is most needed by predators.

3.  Develop a comprehensive monitoring program, including at-sea observers on midwater trawl vessels, so that estimating the herring catch and bycatch of depleted river herring and groundfish, as well as marine mammals is more accurate.

To get involved, you can do a few things including signing up for their newsletter, signing petitions, and adding content to your website, Facebook site, or blog.