New resource from POWR on River Conservation Plans


As part of an evaluation of the more than 80 River Conservation Plans completed over the past two decades, POWR has consolidated all of the recommendations listed in each plan. They can be found at and are organized both by plan title, as well as by tag or keyword.

We are hoping that anyone interested in a river conservation plan, including those who wrote, researched, or commented on them as they were drafted, will look back at these recommendations and let us know how they’re being implemented. We’re sure that some have been completed, and we’d like to know about those. We also pretty sure there are plenty more that haven’t yet been addressed, and we’d like to know about those as well.

On the website, for every recommendation, you can leave comments like “This is still a great idea, but hasn’t been done yet.” or “We did this project a few years back and it turned out great.” or “This one will be tough for many reasons.” You can also rate each recommendation from one to five stars. If everyone contributes their thoughts about the recommendations, we’ll be able to better understand what’s been accomplished, and what’s left to do. Armed with this information, we’ll work with our partners, with DEP and with DCNR to help accelerate implementation of the remaining recommendations.

In addition, we’ve also put together a websurvey that you can take to provide some more feedback about the planning process itself. Click here to take survey. Feel free to pass on the survey link ( to friends colleagues or anyone else that might be interested in protecting our 86,000 stream miles here in Pennsylvania.

We’d like to thank both the Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds who helped fund the project, as well as DCNR’s Rivers program (they manage the Rivers Registry) for their partnership on the effort. Thanks so much for your feedback and your work to protect Pennsylvania’s waters!

Jon Meade
Executive Director, POWR