DEP extends municipal stormwater permit

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently announced that PAG-13, a general permit for municipal separate storm sewer systems, will be renewed, effective March 2013, with revisions that give increased control to  local governments to effectively manage stormwater runoff.

The present PAG-13 was set to expire in June 2012, but DEP provided a nine-month extension in order to allow municipalities time to assess their storm sewer systems and apply for the revised permit while the state’s discussions with EPA continued. Municipalities must now apply six months prior to the termination of their present PAG-13 permit, which will expire in March 2013.

Because the existing permit has been extended, municipalities will be operating under the same stormwater standards that they have been. This extension will give water resource practitioners more time to promote green infrastructure approaches to stormwater management in advance of the new permitting to occur in 2013.

As with the previous edition of the general permit, municipalities must develop minimum control measures in six categories. They are public outreach and education; public participation and involvement; illicit discharge detection and elimination; construction activities greater than one acre; post-construction in new and redeveloped areas; and good housekeeping for municipal operations.

For more information about the PAG-13 permit, please visit the DEP elibrary.

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