Grant opportunity for coldwater streams

Our friends at the Coldwater Heritage Partnership have announced a grant opportunity for the evaluation, conservation and protection of Pennsylvania’s coldwater streams. A qurater of the state’s streams are considered high-quality or exceptional value coldwater fisheries, but less than 2% of these are home to naturally reproducing wild trout. This grant is an opportunity to protect and improve these streams or streams that have that potential.

Grants averaging around $7,000, will be awarded to organizations to outline strategies and complete implementation projects that best conserve and protect our coldwater fisheries. Applications are being accepted for the development of Coldwater Conservation Plans or for the implementation of projects in existing plans. Applications are due December 16th, 2011.

For more information and to discuss your organization’s needs, contact PATU Coldwater Resource Specialist Samantha Kutskel at (814) 359-5233, or visit the Coldwater Heritage Partnership website at

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