2012 River of the Year nominations: Your questions answered!

Are you thinking about nominating your river or stream for River of the Year? It’s not too late!

Our advertised deadline for nominations is October 21, but we are most concerned about good participation. If you cannot make that deadline but would like to be considered, please contact us ASAP.

For answers to your questions, read on or contact Josh Karns.

What is River of the Year?

The River of the Year is an honor bestowed on a Pennsylvania waterway every year. It is celebrated with 12 months of activities and events to help people appreciate the beauty and wonder that are part of every river in Pennsylvania. DCNR and POWR provide a $10,000 grant to partially cover the costs of these activities.

Who can nominate a river or stream?

Nominations should be made by a local organization that can manage this responsibility and coordinate all activities. It takes just a few minutes to fill out the form at this link to submit a nomination.

How will the River of the Year be selected?

We’ll select 5 of the nominees who we think have the best ideas about how to celebrate River of the Year, and then the public will vote to select the winner. Voting will be conducted by POWR on our website and via social networks, but it will be up to you to rally your supporters.

My stream is so little. How will I compete with the big rivers like the 2011 winner, the Delaware?

The Delaware only won by 3% last year, with two “smaller” rivers right behind. Winning this honor isn’t about the size of your watershed; it’s about your ability to motivate your constituency.

Neither the Delaware River nor main stem of the Susquehanna are eligible for the honor this year, and it is our intention to put together a fairly matched slate of nominations.

Even if you don’t win, the voting process is a great way to draw attention to the work of your organization within your local community and statewide.

Oh okay. I get it, but I don’t think we can complete our nomination by tomorrow’s deadline.

If you want to participate but can’t meet the deadline, please contact Josh Karns right now at jkarns@pecpa.org or at 717-230-8045 x12.