New report shows how green water infrastructure can create jobs

Our colleagues at American Rivers and Green For All have released a new report outlining the economic benefits of green water infrastructure. The report, Water Works, shows how meeting the needs for investment in water infrastructure in our communities can foster economic activity and create jobs.

The report estimates that as many as 167,000 jobs could be created just by meeting the existing demand for water infrastructure projects in Pennsylvania alone. Nationwide, millions of jobs could be created.

The decline in America’s water infrastructure has led to a host of  associated economic, health and environmental costs. The report claims that new investments in infrastructure must ensure the highest return possible and provide a multitude of benefits to our communities. While there still is a need for some traditional infrastructure, strategic investment will increasingly utilize green techniques to reduce costs and provide associated environmental benefits.

The report offers three criteria to ensure a sustainable water future: investments must (1) create accessible and quality jobs; (2) maximize environmental gain; and (3) use financing that is stable, fair, and scalable.