Your help needed to preserve historical stream markers

Have you seen an old, faded, rusted sign marking a river crossing in your town? Keystone Marker Trust wants to hear from you!

These historic cast iron markers were put up along Pennsylvania’s roads by the former PA Department of Highways beginning in the 1920’s. Similar signs were also used to mark town boundaries.

While these signs belong to PennDOT today, the agency has too much on its plate to manage this little piece of our state’s heritage. Today Keystone Marker Trust is working with PennDOT and local sponsors to restore these signs.

Of the 700+ signs that are known to still be in existence, only 30 are stream markers. There are likely others out there. Keystone Marker Trust would like your help to locate these signs and your assistance to fix them up. From looking at their list, I think I know of at least one out there that they don’t know about, and now I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for more as I travel around the state.

Visit the Keystone Marker Trust website for more information.