Mark your calendars: Ohio River Watershed Celebration, 9/27

The 11th annual Ohio River Watershed Celebration will be held on September 27. Mark your calendars now! Get more details on the event website.

This year’s theme is “Our Rivers – Get to the Point”. It will focus on how the three rivers that course through our region have shaped the people and events that have influenced this country. Significant milestones in our history can be traced back as the rivers changed from free flowing and wild to navigable industrial coridors. Now, these once primarily utilitarian resources are being transformed into the life-blood of a new and more diverse and sustainable watershed.

This event brings branches of commerce and industry, history and tourism, environmental stewardship and recreation together to form a pathway to a vibrant future. A pathway where industrial and environmental concerns work toegether to foster mutual sustainability and where recreation and tourism have “open water” to pursue new and evolving ways of adding value to this region’s greatest assest…it’s watershed.

One response to “Mark your calendars: Ohio River Watershed Celebration, 9/27

  1. This is a GREAT event and I would like to add:

    Featured Speakers
    John Arway, Exec. Dir. PA Fish & Boat Commission

    Michael Krancer, Secretary PA DEP

    Registration and Pre-Cruise Activities 10:00 am—12:00 pm
    Boarding 12:30 pm — Departure Promptly at 1:00 pm
    Disembark 4:00 pm
    Register at our website
    Celebrating and encouraging the continual recovery of the
    Ohio River Watershed and environmental initiatives through stewardship,
    conservation, education, outreach and networking.

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