POWR responds to Act 13 Court Ruling

Last week, the Commonwealth Court issued a decision that invalidated two key elements of Act 13, Pennsylvania’s shale gas drilling law. We wanted to take a minute and provide POWR’s perspective on the decision. You can read and download the full decision at this link.

POWR fully supports and commends the Commonwealth Court’s decision. Responsible development of natural gas in Pennsylvania requires thorough consideration of our unique community and natural resources, with appropriate site-specific and regional protections in place as a result of that analysis.

Responsible development of natural gas is important to the people and economy of Pennsylvania, but of equal importance are appropriate community, health, and environmental protections. The Court’s decision ensures that Pennsylvania’s Oil & Gas Act better meets those goals.

One response to “POWR responds to Act 13 Court Ruling

  1. I don’t know who you are, but Pennsylvania has just sold out the health of its people and the environment for the benefit of corporations. Local jurisdictions know their area best, and are responsible for protecting their people.

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