Sojourn Wrap-Up 2012

Pennsylvania River Sojourn season is (almost) complete with many good time had and memories made. Thirteen of fifteen Sojourns are now in the record books and photo albums.

Here at POWR, we give a warm thanks to everyone who helped plan these events and to all the participants who give us a reason to do it again.

For those of you who miss an opportunity to participate, stay tuned. The McMichael’s Creek Sojourn was postponed due to high water, and it will be rescheduled soon. The Ohiopyle Over the Falls Festival will take place on August 18. While this event is for expert kayakers only, those of us who are not ready to go over the falls can cheer on those who are.

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  1. I was not aware that the season for Sojourns had started. I am new with kayaking and am interested in getting involved next year. Please keep me informed please. Thank you!!!

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