Two more opportunities for Sojourns in 2012!

Did June fly by for you as fast as it did for us? Were you planning to attend a river sojourn only to have the window of opportunity pass you by?

Fear not, intrepid paddler! There are still two opportunities for you to participate in the Pennsylvania River Sojourns!

First up, the 14th Annual Ohiopyle Over the Falls Festival will take place on Saturday, August 18, 2012. Whitewater paddlers nationwide will gather there to race over the spectacular eighteen-foot waterfall in the picturesque mountain village of Ohiopyle.

While this is an expert-only paddling event, spectators are invited to watch paddlers sprint and cartwheel, end-over-end, off the waterfall.

Other event features include the Falls Under Lights, Town Party, Live Music, Silent Auction and food booths. The area also offers biking, hiking, camping, magnificent scenery, photographic opportunities, history and cultural activities. Please visit for more information and registration details.

If you are seeking an experience a little more casual than plunging over a waterfall, then check out the McMichael’s Creek Sojourn. This event was originally scheduled for June, but it was postponed until September 22. This one-day event will wind its way through the scenic Poconos and it will include interpretive sessions given by local naturalists on creek ecology along the way.

Make your plans now before the 2012 Sojourn season is finished for good!