Call to Action: Preserve the Abandoned Mine Land Trust Fund

Photo by Kordite

Acid mine drainage leaks from an abandoned coal mine near Sutersville, PA.

A recent amendment to the Federal Transportation Bill has put Pennsylvania’s allotment of the Abandoned Mine Land Trust Fund in jeopardy. This amendment, known as the Baucus Amendment, will have a dramatic impact on Pennsylvania’s Abandoned Mine Land (AML) Trust Fund grants. Estimates are that the state will see an annual reduction of $17.8 million, resulting in projected loses of $178M over the remaining ten year program. The significant efforts of our member watershed organizations who are working to restore AMD impacted streams will be affected by this reduction in funding.

Call or write your member of the House of Representatives and Senators Casey and Toomey and ask them to repel this amendment. We must ensure that Pennsylvania’s AML Trust Fund is restored to the level prior to the enactment of the Transportation Bill.

For more information, read this recent editorial from the Scranton Times Tribune.


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  1. Perhaps if this acid mine drainage started leaking in the middle of downtown Harrisburg this amendment would be overturned. I’ll bet the monies for state representative junkets around the country hasn’t been cut one cent.

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