Vote Now for Pennsylvania’s 2013 River of the Year

mon-sojourn-2012The public again is invited to vote online for the 2013 Pennsylvania River of the Year, choosing from among six waterways nominated across the state.

They are: Juniata River and Swatara Creek in south central Pennsylvania; Kiskiminetas River and Monongahela River in the southwest; Lackawanna River in the northeast; and Schuylkill River in the southeast.

Vote here!

“Individually, each of these waterways showcases unique natural resources and recreational potential,” said Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Secretary Richard J. Allan. “Collectively, they demonstrate just how blessed Pennsylvania is with its wealth of rivers and streams.”

Nomination of the six waterways was based on their conservation needs and successes; as well as well as celebration plans should the nominee be voted 2013 River of the Year. Visit to read the nomination statement for each and to vote. Voting ends Friday, Jan. 18, 2013.

“This is the third year that our selection process is through public voting,” said Allan, “and we know the spirit of competition rallies community support around our waterways and puts deserving rivers and streams in the limelight.”

DCNR and the Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers, or POWR, administer the River of the Year program. Nominations were made by local groups.
Pennsylvania’s River of the Year is an honor designed to elevate public awareness of specific rivers and recognize important conservation needs and achievements. River of the Year designations have been presented annually since 1983.

“We are excited to partner with DCNR for a third year of public voting on River of the Year,” POWR Executive Director Janie French said. “The River of the Year program is a great way for us to highlight the opportunities and challenges facing the state’s waterways. As part of the larger river sojourn program, the River of the Year helps connect thousands of Pennsylvanians to the water.”

After a waterway is chosen, local groups implement a year-round slate of activities and events to celebrate the river, including a special extended paddling trip known as a sojourn. These water-based journeys for canoeists, kayakers and others raise awareness of the environmental, recreational, tourism and heritage values of rivers.
The Pennsylvania Sojourn program, jointly run by DCNR and POWR, is a unique series of a dozen such trips on the state’s rivers. For more information about the sojourns, visit

POWR and DCNR also work with the local organization to create a free commemorative poster celebrating the River of the Year.
Pennsylvania’s 2012 River of the Year is the Stonycreek River, flowing through Cambria and Somerset counties.

To learn more about DCNR’s Rivers Program, visit (click on “Conserve,” then “Waterways”).

Download this press release (Word document).

47 responses to “Vote Now for Pennsylvania’s 2013 River of the Year

  1. Go Mon!! Our ri er is the best!!! It creates and promotes jobs while still being recreationally available to all of our families!!!

    • Love the Mon…spend every week-end on the river. Great for recreation during the summer. Beautiful, clean river! You see speed boats, kayaks, canoes, barges, ferries, and even an occasional party boats. You can fish, boat, float, ski, and swim in this river. Love it!

  2. great river best fishing and boating in the state, wonderful in the summer, spring and best in the fall with the different color of the foliage. great place to have
    fun and work/.

  3. I hope my vote was counted – no place to click ‘submit’ after I checked Schuylkill River.

    So let me say, I love the Schuylkill River! Paddling on it with my dragon boat team has opened up a whole new view of the river and the city: Hidden Philadelphia’s wildlife, history, beautiful scenery, bridges, trains, industry and recreation. And I’m so much stronger for the experience. Who would have guessed that in my sixties I would take up a challenging sport? Thank you Schuylkill River for being here.

  4. Definitely the MonongaHELUVA RIVER!! I’ve been up&down from Fairmont,WV to Pittsburgh,PA…I graduated from “Harvard on the Mon” &the beauty of the river&surrounding areas is something you need to see in person to fully appreciate it’s vote is for the MON!!

  5. If you didn’t go into the Mon growing up in Greene Co you don’t know what you missed!!!! It is the greatest experience not only for recreation but for knowledge regarding wildlife and all the basic’s.

  6. Your “vote here” link gives me a mostly blank page with no selection or submit. I vote for the ever diverse and beautiful Schuylkill River.

  7. With it’s natural beauty,it varied use(commericial barge traffic,pleaure boating ,fishing,water sking)as well as home to the only ferry east of the Mississippi,it by far deserves “RIVER OF THE YEAR”As a life long resident along this river it has gotten so clean over the years with and abundant species of various fish and water life.My vote MON RIVER…

    • Not to be a stickler (& love the Mon) but its definitely home to the only ferry easy of the Mississippi

      • Susquehanna river Millersburg Ferry boats. The only two remaining all wooden, double paddle stern wheel ferry board of there type remaining in the U.S.A according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

  8. Vote for the Lackawanna River! It has the best of both worlds, Class A Trout Fisheries, and the LARGEST POLLUTION SOURCE of Abandoned Mine Drainage in PA, the Old Forge Borehole discharge at over an estimated 100 MGD into the Lower Lackawanna River that groups like mine, the Lackawanna River Corridor Association, and the Susquehanna River Basin Commission are determined to remediate and improve the lower 3 miles of the Lackawanna River!

  9. The history and culture along the banks of the Schuylkill River is just tremendous and has its roots during the earliest days of our country and the American industrial revolution. Its headwaters are in the heart of Anthracite coal country in Schuylkill County where it all began with the coal mines, the Schuylkill Canal and several of the earliest railroads in America.

  10. I grew up in Pittsburgh 80 years ago. The Mon is an old friend. My vote goes toward her continued clean-up!

    • I grew up on the Mon. Brownsville,pa. I am moving back so my grandchiiren can come to visit love my town river as I do.

  11. I live along the Schuylkill Canal and the river behind it. I am fortunate to be able to view both at once from my house when the leaves have fallen. The Schuylkill has a fascinating history from the Underground Railroad to mules pulling supplies to the popular Schuylkill River Sojourn, a canoeing event that is enjoyed every year. There is a River Trail also that walkers or bikers can enjoy anytime of the year. I definitely vote for the Schuylkill! Grab your ice skates and come on down!

  12. My vote is for the Schuylkill River because living next to it I have enjoyed hours of hiking, boating, amazing wildlife (blue heron, a rare sighting of a pair of tundra swans, wild turkey, different kinds of turtles and many birds.) I am very fortunate to be this close to the beauty of the Schuylkill everyday!

  13. I lived “at the starting” of the Schuylkill River in Pottsville and I also lived “at the end” of the Schuylkill in Philly. The Schuylkill River has my vote with all its beauty!!!

  14. The amazing thing about the Schuylkill, especially in the coal regions, is the change in the condition of that river since the 1950’s & 60’s. From a sewer waste runoff that could not support any life, to the remarkable cleanliness and recreation facility that it is today! My vote is the Schuylkill River.

  15. The Kiskiminetas River is a story that should be made into a movie. I am 61, and as a child (around 6 years old) growing up, my grandfather used to tell me of the fishing in the river and some of the fish that were caught, before it went dead. The river used to actually be orange in color form the mine drainage. I always figured I would never ever be able to see fish in that river EVER!!! But, here we are today, and the river is fast becoming one of the best game fishing rivers in the state. A nice flowing river that allows wading, canoeing, kayaking, tubing birding, fishing. This river was DEAD…no life whatsoever in it…but today VIOLA’..Thanks to all who helped made it what it is today!!

  16. My best memories are from my childhood, raised beside the Mon River. We used the River as our swimming pool, social activities and meeting place. Go MON RIVER!

  17. I grew up along the Monongahela River for 19 years of my life. I will be 26 in less then a month! And I would have to say that the River was a big part of my life growing up. I did swim in the river when I was younger, but wouldn’t do it now…lol. A lot of childhood memories of mine include the river. My dad would take me and my four older brother’s swimming, skipping stones, etc! As a teenager my friends and I would hang out by the “Mon River” go fishing, swimming/jumping off these huge piers we called: “The Buttmans”, just sitting along the river bank and watching boats pass by. On some 4th of July’s we would sit by the “Mon River” and watch fire works, and it was so beautiful to see there reflections on the water! GOOD TIMES-GOOD TIMES 🙂 I now have a 2 an 1/2 year old son. I no longer live right by the river, but I have taken my son to “The Ten Mile Creek Park” many times, and would take him down by the river to feed the ducks, and he also has his own little fishing pole and loves to cast his line out but never gives enough time to wait for a bite…lol. The Monongahela River is a one of a kind, kind of “River”.

  18. I voted for the Kiskiminetas River. I’ve lived in the area all my life, and it’s bounced back to a great place for fishing, kayaking, and more. It’s a major part of the area we live in and I hope it wins because it’d be great to see more improvements made that highlight this natural twisting beauty for visitors. It’s truly a hidden treasure in Rural Western, PA.

  19. I voted for the Kiski river. I have lived all of my 61 years next to it and have seen it transformed into one of the prettiest streams you’ll ever want to see. Bravo to all of the hard working people who have made it a thing of beauty.

  20. Kiskiminetas River all the way. It is a great river for a scenic relaxing canoe or kayak trip, as well as being a great place to fish. The people need a relaxing place to go, the Kiski River is it!

  21. I voted for the Kiski. I lived my life around the Apollo area except for my military time. I’ve seen the kiski go from a poluted stream uninhabital because of polution
    back to a life sustaining waterway excellent for fishing and leasurely sports. It deserves to win this to make it even better.

    • Love the Kiski! What a great way to spend canoeing and fishing. The fishing has been great. We catch mostly bass and enjoy every minute of our day!!

  22. From Fairmont to Pittsburgh hands down shows us all that this is an outstanding river for industry, fishing, boating and shoreline recreation. The Mighty Mon River stands as a versatile part of everyday life! This “river of falling banks” is quite beautiful and a workhorse for trade!

  23. I canoe on the Kiski river every summer with my nephew. We can’t get enough of this beautiful river and the fishing is spectacular! We can’t wait till we can get out again this year.

  24. The Kiski River is beautiful all year round and especially in the spring when the hillsides are covered with trillium.

  25. Mongahela river because it leads to the great city of brownsville pa where the swirling dream and vision of God is taking place. Thank you jesus for the river that will bring a multitude of Gods people and supplies to brownnsville pa for a physical and spiritual revival like never seen before. Amen

  26. I have lived in the little town of vandergrift most of my young life the kiski was orange no life at all. M y father late Bob Grimm councel man and the late Joe Petrarca house of Reprsentives and meny others foraged a plan to get the state to support closing mine acids drainage and stop sewage from draining into the river . Today their are meny differant type of fish , crawl fish, salamanders ect. I fish all over the river still live close to the river take my childeren and grand childeren floating, fishing ect. This river is alive and used by all. Go Kiski

  27. Terrible choices. Northwestern part of the state not even recognised for our great rivers. Sounds like a bunch of idiots from a few cities got together and nominated some rivers near their homes.

    • Any organization could nominate a river. We had a statewide call for nominations. The only reason there are no rivers from the Northwest is because no one chose to nominate one.

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