2014 insurance application available now! Download pdf Here.

There are many different types of insurance policies available, and it may not be totally clear as to which policies your organization needs. In an effort to assist watershed groups find basic inexpensive insurance coverage, POWR has partnered with Miller’s Insurance to provide an umbrella coverage.

The policy we provide is called “general liability” and covers basic office, meeting, and business activities of a nonprofit watershed association. For example, if an attendee at one of your educational events fell and injured him or herself, the policy would pay to defend your organization against the claim and pay an award if one were made, within the limits of the policy. Special events like stream clean-ups may be covered and must be registered separately. Contact POWR to determine if your event can be covered under the policy.
For more information on the details of this policy, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Program Overview

  • What: General liability insurance coverage
  • Who is eligible: Any nonprofit Pennsylvania Watershed group that is a member of POWR, and has 501(c)3 status is eligible. When a member purchases coverage, they are “endorsed to” POWR’s policy.
  • Why: POWR advocates for the protection, restoration and enjoyment of our common wealth of water resources, and conducts programs that foster stewardship, communication, leadership and action. To that end, POWR has conducted a poll of watershed groups to see where we may be of more help to you in being effective watershed stewards. You told us that you needed help getting insurance coverage.
  • How do I sign up: Complete the 2013-2014 application and mail it to us as the address provided. Please contact Janet Sweeney, Vice President, at jsweeney@pecpa.org with any questions.
  • Cost of coverage: For nonprofit watershed associations and water-focused groups with under 200 members, the cost is $353 per year (2013-2014 rates). This includes the general liability coverage, an administrative fee, and $30 POWR membership. Most organizations enrolled in the insurance program renew their POWR membership when they renew their insurance. If you’ve become a member at another time, let us know so we can discount your insurance fee.
  • Time frame: The policy runs annually from April to April. Renewal letters are sent in March. Watershed associations interested in enrolling after April 30 should contact POWR to determine if the cost can be pro-rated.

Terms of coverage

  • Liability & Medical Expenses (Includes Personal & Advertising Injury) Limit Of Insurance $1,000,000 Occurrence/General Aggregate $2,000,000
  • Medical Expenses  $5,000 Per Person
  • Products/Completed Operations Aggregate $2,000,000
  • Fire/Tenants Legal Liability $100,000
  • Umbrella Liability $4,000,000.  (This is the total Umbrella liability limit for Each Occurrence/General Aggregate/Product Completed Operations Aggregate)

What the program does not cover

It is important to keep in mind that this policy is inexpensive primarily because it provides very basic – though important – coverage for your organization. However, it does not do some very specific things. It does not:

  • Provide “Errors & Omissions” or “D&O” policies
  • Cover the rental or ownership of an office or other property rental that is not for a single event
  • Cover personal property
  • Insure automobiles or watercraft
  • Cover, special, on-the-water events such as sojourns or canoe trips
  • Workers compensation

Most basic events are covered, and some special events can be covered as well. If you are hosting a special event, please contact Janet Sweeney, Vice President at jsweeney@pecpa.org to confirm that this policy will cover your event.