Directors & Officers Coverage

POWR’s General  Liability insurance program DOES NOT provide D&O Insurance coverage. This is a critical piece of insurance every incorporated nonprofit organization should consider. The large exposure facing the Directors and Officers of a corporation in their role as corporate managers may well exceed the assets of their Company. For virtually any corporation, the cost of defending suits against its Directors and Officers can prove catastrophic. D & O Liability Insurance helps protect the Directors and Officers of the Company against claims alleging:

  • employee discrimination or unfair employment practices
  • wrongful termination
  • disposal of corporate assets, without regard to the firm’s ability to pay for or secure the Company’s debts
  • wrongful denial or termination of credit for any customer or client
  • violation of the antitrust laws or unfair methods of competition
  • violation of a loan covenant
  • exorbitant dividend payments or profit sharing contributions which were made by the Company
  • improper loans made to Directors or Officers

POWR does not currently offer joint D&O coverage due to the unique nature of individual policies and coverages. However, we can help steer your organization towards reputable firms that can estimate the costs of a D&O policy for you.