Creating and managing a watershed association is both a highly rewarding, and immensely challenging experience. Over the years, POWR has worked closely with local activists, conservation districts, and DEP to facilitate the creation of dozens of watershed associations across the state. There are now hundreds of watershed associations, most of which are all-volunteer with very limited budgets. They provide educational programs, fishing and boating experiences, monitor the water quality, promote protections, and sound the alarm when problems arise.

In this section, you’ll learn more about how to create and manage your watershed association (see the links to the right). Our organizational development handbook is a great resource for the nuts and bolts of managing a nonprofit organization. It touches on strategic planning, fundraising, and board development among other topics.

In addition, our Fact Packs provide more information about specific topics like forming a watershed association, and communicating your message.

Whatever your need, whatever the state your watershed group is in, there’s sure to be information here you can find useful.