The Kiskiminetas River is formed in Saltsburg by the confluence of the Conemaugh River and Loyalhanna Creek. It flows northwest in a meandering course past Avonmore, Apollo, and Leechburg to join the Allegheny River near Freeport.

For many years, the Kiski was devoid of life. Acid mine drainage, sewage, and industrial pollution made it unfit for wildlife and people. Recently, a transformation of the river occurred. When the StongLand Chamber sponsored their first river trip 16 years ago very few people used the river for recreation because of the pollution. Over the years, stream use has bounded back. Eight boating access points have been installed to enable the public to use the rivers, and three liveries rent canoes and kayaks to thousands of people each year.

If selected for River of the Year, the StrongLand Chamber Foundation will do some of the “tried and true” programs as in the past, working with municipalities, historic societies and points-of-interest organizations. In addition the StrongLand Chamber will organize an environmental laboratory project to check and document the river’s clean-up. They also would plan to add river signage and produce an interpretive guide for the river to
help people from outside the region appreciate local history and points of interest, so that they will want to return to this great resource.