juniata-royThe main stem of the Juniata River flows for 94 miles from the Borough of Huntingdon to the Susquehanna River near Amity Hall.

The river’s gentle grade, historic towns and rural watershed are ideal for a casual, peaceful paddling experience. Fishing is top notch on the River and many of its tributaries are cold water trout fisheries. There are many stretches of the river that flow far from roads and towns making for a great getaway for boating enthusiasts. The biggest conservation issues facing the river are stormwater management and nutrient loading. While significant improvements have been made since baseline measurements in 2002, more work is still needed to meet pollution goals. The Juniata Clean Water Partnership (JCWP) has implemented projects such as installing streambank fencing, improving riparian buffers, and conducting education and outreach.

If selected for river of the year, the Juniata Clean Water Partnership and the Little Juniata River Association will plan a celebration of these rivers past and future recovery. In addition to the annual sojourn, these groups want to offer other opportunities for recreation on the water. Fields days with fly fishing instruction and biking excursions along a parallel rail-trail are in the works. A watershed summit will give groups and stakeholders an opportunity to hatch plans for future water quality improvements.

If selected for River of the Year, JCWP will host a 6 day sojourn on the river and plan festivals in the small towns along its banks. JCWP will partner with historical societies to promote the area’s history, especially the canal, railroad, and French and Indian War. Finally, JCWP will plan water related education to children of need to increase the awareness of the importance of clean water to the health of a community.