American Canoe Assoc. Insurance

Since paddling can be considered an inherently dangerous activity, due consideration to liability issues must be a priority. Insurance coverage is essential. POWR facilitates an insurance program in conjunction with the American Canoe Association (ACA) to make insurance available to organizers of recreational sojourns and on-water volunteer cleanups. Organizers are also encouraged to check if additional coverage is needed for landowners and special activities and that all organizing committee and event partners are insured. If using an outfitter with existing coverage, make sure to purchase any additional coverage that is not available under the outfitter’s policy.

There have been several changes to the ACA/POWR insurance program for 2024 as required by the ACA Board of Directors and National Office Staff. Please note the following and be prepared to comply so as not to jeopardize your insurance coverage:

  1. To receive coverage for an event, the 2024 ACA Application MUST be submitted to POWR at least 30 days in advance of the event start date. Once approved by ACA, POWR will email you the certificate of insurance and additionally insured certificates.
  2. Insurance coverage cannot be granted retroactively; notification of events/coverage requests made after the start of the event will NOT be accepted.
  3. Coverage requests submitted via email, phone, or hard copy mail will NOT be accepted.
  4. Within 15 days of the event, an email must be sent to POWR with the total number of participants, the number of ACA member participants and the number of non-ACA members participants in the body of the email. You must also include scanned copies of ALL signed waivers in a single pdf file.
  5. Event final report out emails received more than 30 days after the completion of the insured event may be subject to a $25 late reporting fee.
  6. POWR will upload your event final report details to ACA and email you an invoice for payment. All invoices must be paid to POWR (Not ACA).
  7. IMPORTANT: Events which remain unreported after 90 days will initiate a HOLD on all subsequent insured events (including future events already on the annual calendar of events) and pending insurance requests submitted by your organization.

Questions: Please contact Angela Vitkoski at

Please note: The ACA rates are $10 per person for the ACA Membership Fee. Please keep this in mind when planning your Sojourn. 

Please take a moment to review the ACA Risk Management Requirements

If you are using the POWR ACA insurance for your event, all participants must sign either an adult or minor waiver in order to participate. Please download waivers here:

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