American Canoe Assoc. Insurance

Since paddling can be considered an inherently dangerous activity, due consideration to liability issues must be a priority. Insurance coverage is essential. POWR facilitates an insurance program in conjunction with the American Canoe Association (ACA) to make insurance available to organizers of recreational sojourns and on-water volunteer cleanups. Organizers are also encouraged to check if additional coverage is needed for landowners and special activities and that all organizing committee partners are insured. If using an outfitter with existing coverage, make sure to purchase any additional coverage that is not available under the outfitter’s policy.

In order to apply for the POWR – ACA Insurance coverage, please fill out this 2022 ACA affiliate certificate request form and submit it to POWR at

We will then submit it to the ACA, who will issue a certificate of insurance, evidencing coverage, to all Affiliates and their event organizers in good membership standing for their events. The ACA’s insurance may cover third parties associated with an event (ex: sponsors, landowners, etc.) by naming them as “additional insureds.” If a third party requests an “Additional Insured” listing, the Affiliate must fill out the appropriate section of this form and submit it to POWR so that we can present to the ACA for coverage.

Please note: The ACA has increased it’s rates to $10 per person for the ACA Membership Fee. Please keep this in mind when planning your Sojourn. 

If you are using the POWR ACA insurance for your event, all participants must sign either an adult or minor waiver in order to participate. Please download waivers here:

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