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Community Watershed Organization volunteer and staff leaders, along with key partner organizations and agencies, work together to accomplish great things for local watersheds and rivers. From streamside and in-stream habitat restoration projects, invasive species removal, and trash clean-ups to watershed educational events for youth and families and river paddling sojourns, a CWO near you is making the watershed a cleaner and healthier place to fish, explore, enjoy, recreate, and live.

Each month, we will feature a Spotlight on Success- a story about a member watershed organization or partnership that is working hard to improve the quality of a local stream, raise awareness and understanding of a key watershed issue, or provide an opportunity for engagement and recreation along a waterway. 

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If at first you don't succeed, try try agan.

Across the Commonwealth, but especially in the Susquehanna Basin/Chesapeake Bay Watershed of PA, riparian buffers are promoted as critical solutions for reducing the impacts of sediment and nutrient pollution in our rivers and streams. But as one community watershed organization learned, planting the trees is only half the battle. In order for a riparian, or streamside, buffer planting project to work as designed to protect a local stream, proper site preparations and long term maintenance are required. Volunteers of the Juniata Watershed Alliance, along with several key partners, were  undeterred when an initial tree planting effort yielded less than the desired outcome. It took a little more effort to finally get THIS Success Story!

For more information about the Juniata Watershed Alliance visit their website or like them on Facebook

You can also read about them in this article this article in The Times, the area’s local newspaper.

Photos: Juniata Watershed Alliance volunteers and partners pose following the riparian buffer planting. Dan Auker from Representative John Hershey’s office assists during  the second round of tree planting.

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