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49 Replies to “Contact”

  1. Stephanie Storey says:

    I vote for Loyalhanna Creek!

    • maxwell king says:

      One of the great, beautiful streams of America–and an very important player in American history.

  2. Elliott Maloney says:

    The Loyalhanna watershed is something we take great care of. This work should be rewarded.

  3. John Wolicki says:

    The Loyalhanna Creek frames the countryside that our forefathers fought to preserve for a new life in this country. This watershed is viewed as a treasure by the many people who visit Fort Ligonier every year to immerse themselves in the rich history of Western Pennsylvania. Sportsmen have adopted this life supporting waterway for recreation and to admire this potentially beautiful stretch of water as one of Western Pennsylvania’s treasures. Susan Huba and the Loyalhanna Watershed have worked diligently for years to bring the Loyalhanna back to its former beauty. Support this cause.

    John Wolicki

  4. Cory Walker says:

    This diverse creek deserves every sportsmens vote.

  5. johnjshirey says:

    The Loyalhannah Creek is a nice gentle, scenic stream.

  6. Nicole tiberi says:

    i vote for Loyalhanna creek!

  7. Emily Hunter says:

    I vote for the Loyalhanna!!

  8. Valerie Baker says:

    I vote for Loyalhanna Creek!

  9. Zita King says:

    I vote for the Neshaminy Creek. It is so beautiful winding its way downstream to the Delaware River. Ducks, Canadian Geese, Herons grace its waters. People enjoy boating, jet skiing, fishing and swimming in the Neshaminy.

  10. Chelsea says:

    The loyalhanna river is a treasure in western Pennsylvania. From fishers to kids the loyalhanna river has so much to offer. The loyalhanna watershed is a well run organization that strives to involve the community in maintaining and educating citizens about conservation. There is no doubt in my mind that the Loyalhanna river should be the river of the year!

  11. Lynda Garrod says:

    The Loyalhanna is a treasure of natural landscape, free flowing waters, fishing, kayaking,and family hiking and picnicking. LOVE IT ENJOY IT KEEP IT CLEAN.

  12. James Beatty says:

    I vote for the Loyalhanna Creek. I have many fond memories of it, and am very impressed by the progress that has been made to make it more beautiful.

  13. Robert says:

    The Loyalhanna Creek gets my vote. This creek was a very important part of my childhood and now as an adult. The Loyalhanna Creek has gone from a lifeless creek do to mine runoff, to a creek, thriving with life. This is a creek that says “I’m strong and I’m not giving up”. I simply love every single part her.

  14. mary davis says:

    Loyalhanna creek should win because it is a wonderfull site for the whole. Family to visit and enjoy nature as it should be seen.

  15. Ed Gross says:

    The Loyalhanna Creek has been a large part of my life ,because my family home was located by the creek. As children we played by the creek & some times in it. The creek was not at all clean back then ( I’m age 73)
    Today the creek is now clean & now you can see the fish,etc at the bottom. A beautiful place!
    The valley people are really proud of the creek,as I am! It gets my vote!

  16. Janet Ball says:

    I vote for Loyalhanna Creek – I have kayaked on this waterway and find it peaceful and beautiful!! It is a great Western Pennsylvania treasure!

  17. misty bhatnagar says:

    Loyalhanna creek. My daughter and I visit there frequently for spur of the moment picnics, take visiting family and friends there to sit in the beauty and snap photo after photo of the natural beauty!

  18. Tam says:


  19. Mark Polatty says:

    The Clarion River – specifically the upper Clarion! Great trout and bass fishing. Amazing scenery. Best camp sites if any river I have been on.

  20. Ryan says:

    The Loyalhanna Creek is my vote. It is so beautiful as you travel into town, to fish in, and enjoy a day with your family.

  21. Mimi says:

    I vote for the Loyalhanna Creek.

    • Kathleen says:

      The Lackawanna River needs this very badly. Lowest funding level for CLEANUP efforts in 25 years.

  22. John Morrissey says:

    Conewango Creek is the top pick. Scenic and peaceful and yet rapid and full.

  23. Love the Loyalhanna Creek. Spent way too many days fishing and enjoying its great benefit to our the residents and visitors to Westmoreland County

  24. Meg says:

    Conewango Creek has my vote! It’s beautiful and very scenic!

  25. betsy costello` says:

    I think the Conewango Creek is amazing. It is deep, fast and rural. There is every imaginable form of wildlife in and around this river as it flows through this northwest corner of Pennsylvania. so worthy of the distinction.

  26. warren pa is no:1 for ever.i like be in warrenpa .I will stay in warren for ever.

  27. Pat k says:

    Conewango creek is great for New York as well as Pa.!

  28. Mary E. Walters says:

    Hands down Conewango Creek. Such beauty in nature and lush in history!

  29. Susan Huba says:

    Thank you to all who have voted for the Loyalhanna Creek! It is truly overwhelming to see the amazing comments posted here by so many supporters of the Loyalhanna, the Laurel Highlands and our beautiful watershed. Keep those votes coming – one week to go!

  30. john parker says:

    The people in Westmoreland county surely have the best the Loyalhannah river I hope it wins.

  31. Kathy Reid says:

    I have lived near the Loyalhanna Creek most of my life grew up in New Alexandria, Pa. It was our childhood playground. Also have kayaked it with Keystone Park DCNR. a great trip, thanks Pam.

  32. Margy Morris says:

    There’s only one way to go . . . CONEWANGO CREEK!!

  33. Ellen carney says:

    Funding is desperately needed to preserve the beauty and health of the Lackawanna River.

  34. Jake Arner says:

    The Lehigh River is Awesome!

  35. Bob Berni says:

    For all that take their time and read this , let your comments known… I personally have seen how the Texas an Canadian companies have come into the northern part of our state Fracking for natural gas. I am not against the drilling . I am against the raw toxic chemicals that they are paid to dispose of from chemical companies , an the drilling companies say they will not tell us what they use “its a trade secret” . Granted most of the liquid is recovered but not all. that stays in the ground, and pollutes and kills the animals that drink that water. The water that is recovered is than processed than dumped into the Susquehanna river. which is now a polluted river again…

  36. Gary Lester says:

    Which river won?

  37. Karen Hart says:

    Preserve the Allegheny River front by opposing the development of the shoreline in Aspinwall, O’Hara, AND Sharpsburg. 1.5 MILES OF RIVERFRONT is planned to be developed as retail, 5 story office buildings, 600plus residences, and ”white glove” manufacturing. Help stop this! Maybe this designation will be the catalyst Riverfront 47 needs to halt this concrete and asphalt vision of the riverfront and turn it into parkland.

  38. Anne Houck says:

    The Susquehanna River is a beautiful river. I vote for Susquehanna

    • Cherie Makowski says:

      There is no other river that compares to the lower Susquehanna. It is worth the drive from anywhere in PA or beyond. Stay at one of the local campgrounds and spend the weekend. The Petroglyphs, the cottages in the middle of the river, the huge boulders and the sandy beaches of the islands. More bald eagles and osprey than you can count. Hands down the most beautiful place in PA.

  39. Carol says:

    The loyalsock creek is the best , located in the montoursville ,pa area

  40. Sharon Renninger says:

    Voting for the Lower Susquehanna. Help keep it user friendly.

  41. Gina says:

    Voting Lackawanna River!!

  42. Terry Kresge says:

    Love this stream it’s a very important to this area all are stream and lakes are benifishal.

  43. The Loyalsock river is the best in Pennsylvania: for beauty, fishing and recreation.