POWR strives to support your efforts to restore, protect, and celebrate Pennsylvania’s rivers and watersheds.

William Penn’s definition of a friend aptly describes Pennsylvania’s community of watershed organizations as they are clearly true friends to local rivers, friends “who advise justly, assist readily, adventure boldly, take all patiently, defend courageously, and continue a friend unchangeably.”

What's Happening in 2022

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News & Announcements

Master Watershed Steward Information Session Webinar for PA Wilds

Do you have a deep love of water, wildlife, and woods? Do you enjoy learning about the environment and being outdoors? Is it important to you that we preserve our waterways and natural areas for future generations? Take action! Join the Master Watershed Steward Information Session Webinar for PA Wilds and learn

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PADCNR Opens Supplemental Funding Round Fall 2022

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has officially announced the Round 28 Supplemental Fall Grant program. Deadline for proposals is October 27, 2022. Funding priorities include community and watershed forestry practices that promote clean water and climate resiliency among other others.  For more information about eligibility, funding priorities, and

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3RQ GAPS Assistance Program for nonpoint source remediation projects

3RQ Announces GAPS Generating Awareness for Project Success (GAPS) is a collaboration between the Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds (FPW) and Three Rivers QUEST (3RQ) with support from the Colcom Foundation to assist grass-roots organizations within the Allegheny and Monongahela river basins with preparing and applying for successful remediation projects. Utilizing

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