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Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the umbrella general liability insurance. You can also view the webinar for information about how the umbrella policy works, detailed information about the coverage provided, and the exclusions in the policy.

Questions & Answers

As a service to our watershed organization members, POWR annually purchases a general liability and umbrella insurance policy. Organization members may buy into this group policy, and your organization will be an “endorsed party” listed on the policy as additionally insured. POWR is the policy holder. This arrangement allows us to offer basic liability insurance for small watershed organization at a much lower cost than is often available.

This policy provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage that the insured becomes legally obligated to pay. It is a policy that would sustain claims by a third party made against your organization for their injury. For example, if an attendee at one of your educational events fell and injured him or herself, the policy would pay to defend your organization against the claim and pay an award if one were made, within the limits of the policy.

The policy would cover the organization against a member of the public sustaining such an injury and claiming that the organization was liable. The policy will not cover an injury to an employee; this would be handled under a worker’s compensation policy.

Volunteers are covered as insureds. This policy covers limited medical expenses for injuries to a volunteer. The policy would cover a volunteer in such a circumstance if a) the volunteer claimed there was negligence on the part of the organization; or b) if the organization wanted to use the policy to cover emergency care for the volunteer (but would not cover medical bills down the road).

No. This policy does not cover any water-related events. This includes stream cleanups where volunteers may want to wade in the water. Separate insurance can be obtained through POWR and the American Canoe Association on a per-event basis. Contact POWR with questions, and to ensure proper coverage for any water-related events.

The policy runs from April to April. All of the “endorsed parties” (i.e., the watershed groups on the policy other than POWR) are simply added to our policy once they are registered with POWR and the fee is paid. Those who sign up for the policy after April can have their rates prorated.

No. By default, the policy only covers regular meetings of watershed associations. All other special events should be reported 1 month in advance to POWR so we can review the event, confer with the insurance company, and get the event properly listed on the coverage. Many other kinds of event may be covered. These include educational forums, streamside cleanups, and fundraisers. Each special event is considered on a case-by-case basis.

No, this is not a Directors and Officers policy. You may contact Simpson and McCrady LLC

Insurance directly if you are interested in D&O insurance.

No, any injury sustained to a director of the organization would be covered by that director’s personal health insurance. However, if someone else was injured and claims that a director of the organization caused the injury that claim would be covered under this policy to the extent of the policy limits.

No, the policy is intended only for individual watershed groups & associations.

There is no deductible on the policy.