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Dickinson College’s Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM), located in the fantastic small town of Carlisle, Pennsylvania is hiring a Technical Support Manager. The Technical Support Manager is responsible for a number of things:

  1. Manage ALLARM’s laboratory (troubleshooting equipment and testing new techniques), run a statewide quality assurance/quality control lab (chemical, physical indicators), ensure compliance with our Quality Assurance Project Plan, and maintain ALLARM’s volunteer equipment loan program.
  2. Provide technical assistance to communities interested in stream monitoring; this requires a strong background in aquatic and watershed sciences.
  3. Teach Dickinson College students to work in ALLARM’s laboratory, conduct stream monitoring, and effectively do science communication, data management, and data visualization.

Salary: $40K-$42K, with amazing benefits.

Job Announcement: https://jobs.dickinson.edu/postings/6304

Closing date: April 3


The Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM) is an aquatic citizen science center at Dickinson College.  Since its founding in 1986, ALLARM has become a nationally recognized technical and programmatic support center for community organizations interested in watershed assessment, protection, and restoration.  Through the work of four full time professional staff, 10-14 Dickinson College part-time students, and a part time science advisor, ALLARM offers comprehensive services to enable volunteers to use critical scientific tools to evaluate water quality and fully participate in community-based decision-making. For 35 years, ALLARM has carried out its mission to empower Pennsylvania and New York communities with scientific tools to assess stream health and help communities use those data to implement stream restoration and protection measures.


Dickinson College is committed to building a representative and diverse faculty, administrative staff, and student body. We encourage applications from all qualified persons. 

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