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PA DEP has announced the draft Pennsylvania 2022 Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report is open for public comment.  Comments are due March 1st. This is a great opportunity for groups to review and comment on the status of their waterways and the State’s plans for remediation. The Clean Water Act requires states to report on the water quality in its waterways every two years and identify those that are not meeting water quality standards. This presents an opportunity for you to learn about water quality challenges in your state and also to share information you have about specific waterways!

For more background on the process and guidance on how to review the report, you can check River Network’s Tips for reviewing and commenting on the State Integrated Report under the Clean Water Act.  If folks are interested in joining a discussion on the report and brainstorming ideas for comments, please email Colleen Walters, River Network staff, at cwalters@rivernetwork.org.

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