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Webinar: Bringing Green Parking Lots to Your Community: Part 1

March 29 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Join your watershed colleagues and POWR for Part 1 of 2-part conversation about Bringing Green Parking Lots to Your Community: The Benefits and Challenges.

Parking lots have been one of the fastest growing land uses, covering acres of land with impervious asphalt and becoming a dominant landscape feature in many communities They contribute to the urban heat island, which elevates temperatures in communities, and have an impact on water quality and stormwater runoff that degrade our streams and rivers. They can also detract from community character and affect pedestrian and driver safety.

Green parking lots can reverse those trends by creating a landscape that not only improves the aesthetics and safety of a site, but also intercepts stormwater runoff and allows infiltration, shades parked cars and paved surfaces, and promotes evapotranspiration to cool the surrounding environment.

Part 1 will focus on:

• Green parking lot designs that leaves plenty of room for cars and trees

• Other design elements that improve safety, community character, and sustainability

• Environmental, health, and economic benefits associated with green parking lots.

• Selecting trees and using best management practices that will promote survival

• Managing stormwater with the landscape features

There will also be plenty of time for conversation, questions, and for participant interaction.

We will welcome Vincent Cotrone, Urban Forester and Natural Resource Extension Educator, Penn State University, who will share his expertise this evening.


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