Pennsylvania River Sojourns are guided paddling trips, sponsored by POWR with funding support through the PA Department of Conservation of Natural Resources (DCNR) and the American Canoe Association (ACA).  Sojourn season typically runs from May through September, and you can choose whether to paddle just one day or the whole trip. They take place across the Commonwealth, typically 12 to 15 each year. A typical week-long sojourn costs $30,000 – $40,000 for the lead organizations to put on.  They range from 2 to 9 days and cost participants from $20 to $75 per day, often with meals, transfers, and camping included. Trained safety personnel accompany the Sojourns and many have boats for rent through local liveries.

Local Organizers

Local organizations take a leadership role, often with the help of an organizing committee to schedule the Sojourn and plan for logistics. These include nonprofit organizations, land trusts, municipalities, and regional partnerships. POWR manages the DCNR grant program for local organizations, each year handling grant requests and administering funding, ACA’s insurance program, and some permits for the statewide Sojourn program. If you or your organization is interested in a Sojourn, or you are new to a leadership role in an existing Sojourn program, please contact us at

This Sojourn Organizers Guide can help local organizers in planning their event.