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Join your colleagues and partners from Southeast PA and across the state to Share information, tools, and practices for watershed protection and restoration.

Hosted by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, the Watershed Congress  advances the best available information and techniques for protecting and restoring watersheds. The focus on networking across disciplines means that the Watershed Congress melds science, policy, and practical applications into one program. As a result, the annual Watershed Congress is a premier event for people interested in understanding, protecting, and restoring their local streams.

Notable Sessions

Tues. Sept. 21 at 2:30 Land Use Decisions: What Every Resident Should Know

Weds. Sept 22 at 4:30 Explore a New Kind of Teaching and Learning Resource for Aquatic Insect Identification with macroinvertebrates.org!

Thur. Sept. 23 at 12:00 Dam Removal in the Brandywine-Christina Watershed: Lesson Learned

Fri. Sept 24 at 4:30


Tickets to the 2021 Watershed Congress can purchased here. There are three different registration options this year:

  • Full Conference Ticket will grant you access to all 2021 Watershed Congress sessions as well as early access to any session recordings. This ticket is the best value and gives you the most flexibility to attend sessions.
  • Single Day Ticket will grant you access to the Watershed Congress sessions offered on a given day (note that for Tuesday Single Day Tickets, you have the option to attend either Track 1 or Track 2). You may purchase tickets for more than one day of programming.
  • Single Session Ticket will grant you access to one Watershed Congress session. You may purchase tickets for more than one single session. You may also purchase Single Session Tickets on different days (e.g., one Single Session Ticket on Tuesday and one Single Session Ticket on Thursday). Note: those wishing to attend only the Keynote Session must purchase the Single Day Ticket for Monday, September 20.

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