Pride on the Conestoga Sojourn

POWR is pleased to support and promote the Pride on the Conestoga Sojourn hosted by the Conestoga River Club. Come and see a different side of Lancaster county as we celebrate Pride Month 2023, the Lancaster Conservancy’s 7th Annual Water Week, and the River that connects us all. This is a 3.5-4 hour trip, with breaks along the way and is perfectly appropriate to first time kayakers. Experienced kayakers will be along as Safety guides to help you navigate the […]


3rd Annual Conestoga Sojourn

Sylvan Fisher Park

POWR is pleased to support and promote the Conestoga River Club's 3rd Annual Conestoga Sojourn tracing all 32 miles of one of America’s most historic rivers! Paddle through fertile farm lands, past one of the oldest operational mills in the state, abandoned locks where you could make sail for England, through the testing grounds of Robert Fulton's stern wheel steam boat was developed , and the home of the Conestoga covered wagons that carried settlers West. This will be a […]

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